Pac-Man Ghost Pendant: For the One You Love

Can't get the high score on that 1984 Pac-Man game out of your head? Here's a way to keep those memories close to your heart. Check out Tiny Amour's Ghost Pendant in silver or gold. We're not sure which ghost it is, but we believe you can use your imagination and make it any one of those lovable scamps. Measures about… » 2/17/06 6:09am 2/17/06 6:09am

Fujitsu N3530 Dual-Core Notebook

We told you about Fujitsu's N6410 dual core laptop but we now have news of another Lifebook N series laptop coming out as well. The N3530 also includes Intel s Core Duo Mobile Technology as well as a 15.4-inch Fujitsu Color-Enhanced Crystal View Display. » 2/16/06 2:13pm 2/16/06 2:13pm

P2POD: A P2P Media Streaming Box

Though not the first of its kind, the P2POD box is a neat idea from Holland-based AHT International. The Delft University of Technology developed the software and will show the box at this year's CeBIT. The box allows content distribution as well as love video streaming over peer-to-peer networks. » 2/16/06 1:55pm 2/16/06 1:55pm

Philips To Make Media Bridge Device

In hopes to help bridge PC-based multimedia content to other digital devices, Philips has come up with a design for a Digital Media Adapter (DMA) which it plans on selling on its own as well as to other companies through OEM deals. The device can attach to a TV or audio system and through a wired or wireless network… » 2/16/06 1:01pm 2/16/06 1:01pm

MusicGremlin Handheld WiFi Player

The MusicGremlin in an interesting gadget, first unveiled in January at CES. A portable WiFi music player that gathers music from music services, rather than from your computer, it uses 802.11b networks and has an "embedded music store" from Musicnet that will let you download, store and share your tunes right through… » 2/16/06 12:45pm 2/16/06 12:45pm

RIAA Sez Ripping Illegal

The RIAA seems to be changing its annoying tune these days, saying that ripping a CD that is lawfully yours to your own MP3 player is no longer fair game. During the US Supreme Court Grokster case, the RIAA made sure to tell us that this was OK and that they loved us. However, they're currently arguing that it's… » 2/16/06 11:28am 2/16/06 11:28am

Orange Talks Big SIM Cards

With cellphones leaning towards becoming full-fledged media players, it's nice to know someone is trying to come up with something to help us easily store all our stuff. Orange mobile phone group announced plans to launch a SIM card that will hold 8,000 times more data than the SIM you have in your cellphone today. » 2/16/06 9:09am 2/16/06 9:09am

Sharp Shows Biggest 1080p LCD HDTV

It's a mouthful, but Sharp is taking a step forward with its PN-655 1080p 65-inch LCD HDTV. We saw this at CES, but we never got a time frame or price out of the company in Vegas, so it's nice to see it's finally out there. » 2/16/06 9:07am 2/16/06 9:07am

LG 5 Megapixel KG920

This LG, full-featured swivel cameraphone has a whopping 5-megapixel camera with built-in flash and a nice big display for image viewing. Other features include a MP3 player, miniSD memory card slot and Bluetooth. The lens cover is also a nice addition because with a camera that mighty, you don't want to get crud all… » 2/15/06 5:05pm 2/15/06 5:05pm

HTC Star Trek Phone

Though we've shown you images of the HTC Star Trek cellphone before, it's finally been formally announced at the 3GSM show. Also known as the i-mate Smartflip, it's a thin, clamshell phone that runs Windows Mobile 5. Specs include a QVGA display, quad-band GSM, EDGE data, 64 MB ROM / 64 MB RAM, a MicroSD slot, a 1.3… » 2/15/06 5:00pm 2/15/06 5:00pm

Pig-Shaped Vacuum: Why Not?

Who needs that tired old Dirt Devil when you can have a Crumb Pet. Yes, the Crumb Pet not only picks up your dirt and foodstuffs, but it's shaped like a barnyard animal to boot. Get your bagless, battery-powered portable vacuum in the shape of a pig, cow or sheep for just about $10. It may not be overly useful, but… » 2/15/06 4:48pm 2/15/06 4:48pm

Xensaxion: ROKR Docking Beats

We've seen an overabundance of iPod docking speakers, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to be bombarded with Qool Labs Xensaxion for your Motorola ROKR. A neat little gadget, it's a pair of docking speakers that also allows you to charge the phone, synchronize your files and even take a call using a hands… » 2/15/06 4:04pm 2/15/06 4:04pm

British TV Box Prompts Sea Rescue

Oops, this is somebody's big mistake. It looks like a 67 year old woman's Freeview TV set-top box sent out an emergency signal that launched 2 lifeboat rescue teams in Wembury, England. Poor Mary Donaldson was stupefied when officials from the Falmouth Coast Guard showed up at her door, asking why she would have sent… » 2/15/06 3:37pm 2/15/06 3:37pm

Finis SwiMP3

If I was young enough to have had this product when I swam lap after lap on my high school swim team, singing Bon Jovi tunes to myself to keep from drowning of boredom, I would have gone out and purchased a lifetime supply (ok, so I've dated myself, what of it??). Behold, the Finis SwiMP3 underwater digital audio… » 2/15/06 2:18pm 2/15/06 2:18pm

LG and Kodak Unite for AMOLEDS

Hoping to get AMOLEDs (active matrix organic light emitting diodes) up and running for future mobile technology, LG and Kodak have united to "jointly evaluate" the displays. » 2/15/06 2:02pm 2/15/06 2:02pm

Samsung i320 Smartphone

Here's another Samsung cellphone just announced at 3GSM in Barcelona. The i320 is pretty straight forward, running on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 with 120MB of onboard memory (with a microSD slot just in case you need to add more storage). It's uses tri-band GSM, supports Bluetooth and is capable of GPRS/EDGE… » 2/15/06 1:58pm 2/15/06 1:58pm

Mirror Weather Station

Mirror mirror on the wall, what's the silliest product of them all? From our wacky friends at Oregon Scientific, this Mirror Weather Station may take the prize on combo products that make little sense. For just $130, you too can own a mirror that tells you the outside temperature. You know, in case listening to the… » 2/15/06 1:30pm 2/15/06 1:30pm

Intel to Back SIM Cards for Laptops

With 3G (supposedly) coming up quickly here in the US, it's nice to know that Intel is thinking fast on its feet and talking about equipping future laptops with a SIM card slot to add easy WAN connectivity. » 2/15/06 11:16am 2/15/06 11:16am

Blame Infineon for 360 Shortage

Well, looks like Microsoft has found a good scapegoat for its nasty Xbox 360 shortage with German chipmaker Infineon. Basically, the company is being blamed for not making enough chips at the right speed for the 360—many of them running slower than the required 700 megahertz. The problem, it seems, was all the time… » 2/15/06 10:24am 2/15/06 10:24am